Hyaku mo Shōchi, Nihyaku mo Gatten (百も承知、二百も合点 – Being Fully Aware)

  • Hyaku mo Shōchi, Nihyaku mo Gatten


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the phrase hyaku mo shōchi (百も承知), which means to be well aware of something.

    This phrase uses hyaku (百 – meaning “hundred”) to emphasize the meaning of shōchi (承知 – meaning “knowing”).
    “Knowing” を意味する「承知」に、”hundred” を意味する「百」をつけることで、「承知」の意味を強めた表現となっています。

    If you want to further emphasize the meaning of hyaku mo shōchi, you can add nihyaku mo gatten (二百も合点).

    Nihyaku (二百) means “two hundred” and gatten (合点) means “knowing” or “making sense.”
    「二百」は “two hundreds”、「合点」は “knowing” や “making sense” を意味します。

    In other words, hyaku mo shōchi, nihyaku mo gatten (百も承知、二百も合点) literally means “I know a hundred (percent), and it makes sense two hundred (percent).”
    すなわち「百も承知、二百も合点」は、文字どおり “knowing a hundred (percent), making sense two hundreds (percent)” といった意味になります。

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