Shinkei Suijaku (神経衰弱 – Concentration)

  • Shinkei Suijaku


    One of the most famous games with playing cards in Japan is shinkei suijaku (神経衰弱).

    In this game, players try to find pairs of numbers from the 52 cards (except for Joker) that are spread out face down on the table.

    In English, it is called “Concentration” or “Memory.”
    英語では “Concentration” や “Memory” と呼ばれます。

    Since shinkei (神経) means “nerve” and suijaku (衰弱) means “weakening,” the literal meaning of shinkei suijaku is “nerve weakening.”
    「神経」は “nerve”、「衰弱」は “weakening” を意味するので、「神経衰弱」の文字どおりの意味は “nerve weakening” となります。

    It is said that this name came from the fact that this game is nerve-wracking.

    I did not care about it when I was child, but the phrase shinkei suijaku shiyō (神経衰弱しよう – literally meaning “let’s play nerve weakening”) may sound horrible.

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