【No. 0】
Chototsu Moushin (猪突猛進 – Rushing Recklessly)

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    Chototsu Moushin


    Since the animal symbol of this year is the boar (猪/亥 – read as ‘inoshishi/i‘), these days we often see the four-character idiom ‘chototsu moushin‘ (猪突猛進).

    Cho‘ (猪) means “boar,” ‘totsu‘ (突) means “rush,” ‘mou‘ (猛) means “fierce,” ‘shin‘ (進) means “proceed/head.”
    「猪」は “boar”、「突」は “rush”、「猛」は “fierce”、「進」は “proceed/head” を意味します。

    The combination, ‘chototsu moushin’, means to rush headlong into a purpose wildly.

    This idiom was born from the fact that boars rush straight without looking sideways.

    Some people use this idiom in a positive sense, but it is usually used in a negative sense because it contains a nuance that you act without thinking consequences or surroundings.

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