Isshin Furan (一心不乱 – Heart and Soul)

  • Isshin Furan


    Yesterday, I introduced you to the four-character idiom ‘chototsu moushin‘ (猪突猛進), which means to rush headlong into some activity recklessly.

    There is another idiom ‘isshin furan‘ (一心不乱), which has a similar meaning to ‘chitotsu moushin’.

    I/ichi‘ (一) means “one,” ‘shin‘ (心) means “heart,” ‘fu‘ (不) is a negative prefix, ‘ran‘ (乱) means “be confused,” so the literal meaning of this idiom is “one heart is not confused.”
    「一」は “one”、「心」は “heart”、「不」は否定語、「乱」は “be confused” を意味するので、「一心不乱」の文字どおりの意味は「一つの心が乱れない」になります。

    As the characters imply, ‘isshin furan’ means that someone concentrates on one thing without being confused by other things.

    ‘Chitotsu moushin’ is often used in a negative sense, whereas ‘isshin furan’ is often used in a positive way.

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