Muteppou (無鉄砲 – Reckless)

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    I am not, but some people are called ‘muteppou‘ (無鉄砲) in Japanese.

    Muteppou means that someone acts recklessly without considering the consequences.

    Mu‘ (無) means “nothing” and ‘teppou‘ (鉄砲) means “gun.”
    「無」は “nothing,”「鉄砲」は “gun” を意味します。

    Therefore, some people probably think that the etymology of muteppou is that someone attacks an enemy’s camp without having guns.

    However, it is said that muteppou comes from ‘mutehou’ (無手法).

    The literal meaning of mutepou is “not having anything in one’s hands” or “there is no means,” and it has come to have the current meaning.

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