Tatetsuku (盾突く – Defying)

  • Tatetsuku


    To resist or talk back to a person of higher rank is referred to as ‘tatetsuku‘ (盾突く) in Japanese.

    Tate‘ (盾) means “shield” and ‘tsuku‘ (突く) means “to thrust” or “to prod,” so the literal meaning of this term is “to thrust a shield.”
    「盾」は “shield”、「突く」は “to thrust” を意味するので、「盾突く」の文字どおりの意味は “to thrust a shield” です。

    In other words, this term implies that you resist against enemy’s attacks by thrusting a shield into the ground.

    Originally, this was said as ‘tate wo tsuku‘ (盾を突く) with the particle ‘wo‘ (を), but these days, I think that most people say ‘tatetsuku’ for short.

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