Rachi ga Akanai (埒があかない – Going Nowhere)

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    Rachi ga Akanai


    These days, my works are increasing, and there is no end in sight.

    Things do not progress or are not settled like this case can be described as ‘rachi ga akanai‘ (埒があかない) in Japanese.

    Rachi‘ (埒) means enclosures or fences that are used around a riding ground, and ‘akanai‘ (あかない) means that something does not open.
    「埒」とは馬場の周囲の囲いや柵のことで、「あかない」は “something does not open” を意味します。

    In a horse racing, the competition does not start until the fences open.

    Because of this, it is thought that rachi ga akanai has come to have its current meaning.

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