Ne wo Ageru (音を上げる – Whining)

  • Ne wo Ageru


    I am about to do an action called ‘ne wo ageru‘ (音を上げる) in Japanese.

    Ne wo ageru is a phrase that means that someone whines, screams out, or gives up because it is difficult for him/her to endure suffering.

    Since ‘ne‘ (音) means “sound,” “voice,” or “cry,” and ‘ageru‘ (上げる) means “to generate,” the literal meaning of ne wo ageru is “to generate a cry.”
    「音」は “sound” や “voice,” “cry,” 「上げる」は “to generate” を意味するので、「音を上げる」の文字通りの意味は “to generate a cry” となります。

    【Example sentence】
    Shigoto ga tsurakute ne wo ageru (仕事が辛くて音を上げる – “I whine about my work because it is too hard.”)

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