Ippai Kuwasu (一杯食わす – Pulling a Trick)

  • Ippai Kuwasu


    We sometimes use the phrase ‘ippai kuwasu‘ to mean to deceive someone well.

    Ipppai‘ (一杯) means “a cup of something” or “a bowl of something,” and ‘kuwasu‘ (食わす) means “to feed someone” or “to have someone eat.”
    「一杯」は “a cup of something” や “a bowl of something,” 「食わす」は “to feed someone” や “to have someone eat” を意味します。

    That is to say, the literal meaning of ippai kuwasu is “to feed someone to a bowl of something” or “to have someone eat a bowl of something.”
    すなわち「一杯食わす」とは、”to feed someone to a bowl of something” もしくは “to have someone eat a bowl of something” という意味になります。

    According to the Internet, kuwasu can mean ‘damasu‘ (騙す – “deceive”), but I could not find the detailed etymology.

    Some people think that it comes from an old Japanese tale that a raccoon dog had a person eat a bowl of fake rice.

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