kuwasemono (食わせもの)

  • Kuwasemono


    Two days ago, I introduced the term ‘kuwasu‘ (食わす) in my post.

    In addition, I explained that the literal meaning of kuwasu is “to feed someone” or “to have someone eat,” but it can also mean “to deceive.”
    そして、「食わす」の文字通りの意味は “to feed someone” や “to have someone eat” ですが、”to deceive” を意味することもあると説明しました。

    There is a term that uses the kuwasu meaning “to deceive” — it is ‘kuwasemono‘ (食わせもの).
    “To deceive” を意味する「食わす」を使った表現に「食わせもの」があります。

    Kuwasemono means an insidious person who cannot be judged by its appearance, or something fake that has only a good look.

    If you want to use it as the former meaning, write 食わせ者 by using 者 (mono – “person”).
    前者を意味で使いたいときは “thing” を意味する「物」を使い、「食わせ物」と書きます。

    If you want to use it as the latter meaning, write 食わせ物 by using 物 (mono – “thing”).
    後者の意味で使うたいときは “person” を意味する「者」を使い、「食わせ者」と書きます。

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