【No. 0】
Hito___ (一入 – strikingly)

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    Do you know how to read 一入?

    一入 is very similar to 一人 (read as hitori, meaning “one person”), but the kanji is 入, not 人.

    入 of 一入 (hitoshio) is read as shio, and it is a counter suffix representing the number of times to soak a cloth in dye.

    In addition, hito (一) means “one,” so the literal meaning of hitoshio (一入) is soaking a cloth in dye once.
    また、「一」は “one” を意味するので、「一入」の文字どおりの意味は、布を1回染料につけるということになります。

    If you soak a cloth in dye even once, the color becomes very vibrant. Because of this, hitoshio has the meaning of “strikingly.”

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