Garakuta (ガラクタ – Junk)

  • Garakuta


    There are several ‘gatrakuta‘ (ガラクタ) in my room.

    Garakuta means something worthless, junk, or useless.

    Gara‘ (ガラ) comes from the onomatopoeia ‘garagara’ (ガラガラ), which means that things touch or bump into each other, and there are two theories about ‘kuta’ (クタ) — one is that it is short for ‘akuta‘ (芥), which means “garbage” or “dust,” or it comes from ‘kuchi‘ (朽ち), which means that something decays.

    In the Edo period, garakuta was used to mean boring people or rascals in addition to its current meaning.

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