Torihada (鳥肌 – Goose Bumps)

  • Torihada


    A phenomenon that a lot of fine bumps appear on a person’s skin due to cold, fear, or discomfort is called torihada (鳥肌) in Japanese.

    Since tori (鳥) means “bird” and hada (肌) means “skin,” the literal meaning of torihada is “bird’s skin.”
    「鳥」は “bird”、「肌」は “skin” を意味するので、「鳥肌」の文字どおりの意味は “bird’s skin” となります。

    As you can easily guess, this name comes from the fact that the skin with fine bumps is similar to the skin of a bird with feathers removed.

    It is often idiomatically used as torihada ga tatsu (鳥肌が立つ) by adding tatsu (立つ – “to rise”).
    慣用的に、”to rise” を意味する「立つ」を使って「鳥肌が立つ」と言うことが多いです。

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