Hana wo Oru (鼻を折る – Cropping Someone’s Feathers)

  • Hana wo Oru


    Continuing from yesterday’s post, I would like to talk about an idiom related to nose, ‘hana wo oru’ (鼻を折る).

    Hana‘ (鼻) means “nose” and ‘oru‘ (折る) means “to break,” so the literal meaning of ‘hana wo oru’ is “to break one’s nose.”
    「鼻」は “nose”、「折る」は “to break” を意味するので、「鼻を折る」の文字どおりの意味は “to break one’s nose” となります。

    Of course, you can use this phrase to mean to break someone’s nose physically.

    However, it is often used to mean to subdue someone’s pride.

    People who take pride in something is described as ‘hana ga takai‘ (鼻が高い – literally “one’s nose is high”).

    That is to say, ‘hana wo oru’ implies that you break someone’s high nose.

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