Hane wo Nobasu (羽を伸ばす – Letting Loose)

  • Hane wo Nobasu


    Last weekend, I took an action called hane wo nobasu (羽を伸ばす).

    Hane (羽) means “wing” or “feather” and nobasu (伸ばす) means “to stretch,” so the literal meaning of ‘hane wo nobasu’ is “to stretch one’s wings.”
    「羽」は “wing”、「伸ばす」は “to streach” を意味するので、「羽を伸ばす」の文字どおりの意味は “to stretch one’s wings” となります。

    This idiom actually means that you are released from a repressed situation and let loose.

    Imagine a bird stretching the wings and flying off.

    The expression hane wo nobasu was born by imaging such a bird flying freely.

    You can translate this into English as “to let loose” or “to stretch out.”
    英語では “to let loose” や “to stretch out” のように言うことができます。

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