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Hishochi (避暑地 – Summer Resort)

  • Hishochi


    Moving to a cool place temporarily to avoid the summer heat is called hisho (避暑) in Japanese.

    Hi (避) means “avoid,” sho (暑) means “heat/hot,” and the combination hisyo literally means “avoid the heat (of summer).”
    「避」は “avoid”、「暑」は “heat” を意味し、「避暑」は文字どおり “avoid the heat (of summer)” を意味します。

    In addition, places, where people visit to avoid the summer heat, is called hishochi (避暑地) by adding chi (地 – “place/land”).

    It is said that hishochi in Japan began when foreign merchants, missionaries, and teachers pioneered the land and built villas for avoiding the summer heat.

    These days, it is not rare for wealthy Japanese people to have their villas in cool places.

    Even if you do not have your villa, you can visit hishochi in a short period by using a hotel.

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