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Nōryō (納涼 – Enjoying Cool in Summer) Part 2

  • Nōryō

    納涼 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced the term nōryō (納涼), which means to feel cool and spend the hot summer comfortably by various ideas.

    Specifically, people drink or eat cold things, feel cool breezes near a river, and watch fireworks that could cause goose-bumps.

    These events related to nōryō are usually held after the evening from the end of July to mid-August — in other words, the season of nōryō this year has already passed.

    Incidentally, festivals that are held for the purpose of nōryō is called nōryōsai (納涼祭) by adding sai (祭 – “festival”).
    夏の暑い時期に「納涼」を目的に催される祭りは、”festival” を意味する「祭」をつけて「納涼祭」と呼ばれます。

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