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Karuizawa Part 1

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    Karuizawa Part 1

    軽井沢 Part 1

    Yesterday, I introduced you to the term hishochi (避暑地), which means cool places where people visit to avoid the summer heat.

    Among various places called hishochi, Karuizawa (軽井沢) is one of the most famous and popular ones.

    Karuizawa flourished as a post station in the past, but it declined with changes in transportation conditions.

    However, in 1885, things changed when a Canadian Anglican missionary incidentally visited Karuizawa — his name was Alexander Croft Shaw.

    Shaw felt that the climate of Karuizawa was similar to his hometown, Toronto, and he built a villa and a church to make Karuizawa his lifetime summer resort.

    To be continued.

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