Ikinuki (息抜き – Breather)

  • Ikinuki


    People need ikinuki (息抜き) in their lives.

    Ikinuki means to rest, relax or refresh for a while when having a break in your work.

    Since iki (息) means “breath” and nuki (抜き) means “to get out of,” the literal meaning of ikinuki is “to get breath out of somewhere.”
    「息」は “breath”、「抜き」は “to get out of” を意味するので、「息抜き」の文字どおりの意味は “to get breath out of somewhere” となります。

    That is to say, ikinuki means to release the tension by getting the breath (air) out of one’s body, and it can be rephrased as “rest,” “relax” or “refresh.”

    It is very important to balance between work and rest for showing the best performance.

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