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Shizentai (自然体 – Being Oneself)

  • Shizentai


    I might not be good at being shizentai (自然体).

    Since shizen (自然) means “natural” and tai (体) means “body” or “posture,” the literal meaning of shizentai is “natural body” or “natural posture.”
    「自然」は “natural”、「体」は “body/posture” を意味するので、「自然体」の文字どおりの意味は “natural body/posture” となります。

    Originally, this term was used to mean a basic standing posture/stance in jūdō (柔道 – “the Japanese art of self-defense”) or kendō (剣道 – “the Japanese art of fencing”).

    Later, it came to have the meaning of a natural attitude with no pressure or tension.

    This term can be translated into English as “being oneself.”
    英語では “being oneself” のように言うことができます。

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