Shitasaki Sanzun (舌先三寸 – Glib Tongue) Part 2

  • Shitasaki Sanzun Part 2

    舌先三寸 Part 2

    Yesterday, I introduced the term shitasaki sanzun (舌先三寸), which describes people who persuade someone only with their big mouths and smooth talk.

    The literal meaning of this term is “one’s tip of the tongue is about 9 cm,” but there are two major theories about the reason for coming to have the above meaning.
    「舌先三寸」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s tip of the tongue is about 9 cm” ですが、上記のような意味を持つようになった理由として大きく次の二つの説があります。

    One theory says that sanzun (三寸 – “about 9 cm”) is a word representing that something is very short, and shitasaki sanzun implies that it is hard to say hearty words because of the short tongue.

    The other theory says that shitasaki (舌先 – “the tip of a tongue”) implies someone’s words, and shitasaki sanzun implies that someone’s words are shallow.

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