Yutō Yomi (湯桶読み – Mixed Reading of Japanese and Chinese)

  • Yutō Yomi


    I introduced you to the expression jūbako yomi (重箱読み) yesterday, which means a term that is read as a mixture of a Chinese reading and a Japanese reading.

    When the order of Chinese and Japanese readings is reversed, it is called yutō yomi (湯桶読み).

    Yu (湯) means “hot water,” (桶) means “bucket,” and yutō (湯桶) means a traditional Japanese beverage container.
    「湯(ゆ)」は “hot water”、「桶(とう)」は “bucket” 、そして「湯桶(ゆとう)」は “traditional Japanese beverage container” を意味します。

    Here, yu is a Japanese reading and (桶) is a Chinese reading.

    Since yomi (読み) means “reading,” yutō yomi means a term that is read with a Japanese reading followed by a Chinese reading.
    「読み」は “reading” を意味するので、「湯桶読み」とは「湯桶」のように訓読みと音読みが混ざった読み方を意味する表現というわけです。

    Incidentally, 湯桶 can read as yuoke with only Japanese reading, in which case it generally means “wash-basin.”

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