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Sudōfu (酢豆腐 – Know-it-all)

  • Sudōfu


    Young people these days do not use it very much, but there is a Japanese term, sudōfu (酢豆腐), which means a person who shows a know-it-all attitude.

    Since su (酢) means “vinegar” and dōfu/tōfu (豆腐) means “bean curd,” the literal meaning of sudōfu is “vinegared bean curd.”
    「酢」は “vinegar”、「豆腐」は “bean curd” を意味するので、「酢豆腐」の文字どおりの意味は vinegared bean curd”” となります。

    This term comes from a rakugo (落語 – “traditional Japanese comic storytelling”) in the Edo period.

    The story of the rakugo is something as follows; a man who showed a know-it-all attitude ate rotten and sour bean curd then said “this is vinegared bean curd.”

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