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Shari (シャリ – White/Vinegared Rice)

  • Shari


    White rice or vinegared rice used for sushi is called shari (シャリ) in Japan.

    It is thought that shari comes from a Sanskrit term “sarira” (meaning “Buddha’s cremains”) or “sari” (meaning “rice”).
    「シャリ」はサンスクリット語で「(釈迦の)遺骨」を意味する “sarira”、もしくは「米」を意味する “sari” から来ていると考えられています。

    In general, outside of sushi shop, white rice is called kome (米), hakumai (白米), or gohan (ご飯).

    Incidentally, rice used for sushi is usually flavored with vinegar and is referred to as sumeshi (酢飯 – literally means “vinegared rice”).

    There are various reasons for this; vinegared rice has effects of preservation, deodorization, and sterilization, and possess a good flavor.

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