5C Problem

  • 5C Problem


    Several days ago, I encountered the “5C problem.”

    The 5C problem is a kind of programming errors that could occur when using Japanese characters.

    Japanese characters are usually represented by two bytes in computers and programming languages.

    However, when using “Shift-JIS,” which is one of the Japanese character codes, the second bytes of some Japanese characters (such as 表, 十, and ソ) become ‘5C’.
    しかし、日本語用文字コードの一つである Shift-JIS を使うと、特定の文字(例えば「表」や「十」、「ソ」)の2バイト目の文字コードが ‘5C’ となります。

    The ‘5C’ represents a backslash character, and it has been adopted as the escape character for many programming languages.
    ‘5C’ 単体ではバックスラッシュ記号となり、これは多くのプログラミング言語のエスケープ文字として採用されています。

    Because of this, some Japanese characters have a special meaning in programming, hence they could induce errors.

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