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Rainy Season

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    Rainy Season


    The rainy season has started since last week.

    For a while, rainy and cloudy days will continue.

    I heard that you could improve concentration while listening to the sound of rain.

    In fact, according to an article published in the journal “The Atlantic,” people can enhance their productivity and creativity in a noisy environment of about 70 decibels, compared to a quiet environment of 50 decibels or less.
    実際、雑誌「The Atlantic」に掲載された論文によると、50デシベル以下の静寂な環境より、70デシベル程度の雑音に囲まれた環境のほうが、生産性や創造性が増すそうです。

    On the other hand, if you are in a noisy environment that exceeds 80 decibels, your productivity and creativity seem to be deteriorated.

    Unfortunately, I can’t enhance my productivity on a rainy day because rain (low pressure) makes my head hurt.

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