Ikari Shintō ni Hassuru (怒り心頭に発する – Getting Furious)

  • Ikari Shintō ni hassuru


    For the last two days, I introduced you to idioms that mean a feeling of anger.

    If you want to express your feeling of stronger anger, you can say “ikari shintō ni hassuru” (怒り心頭に発する).

    Ikari (怒り) means ‘anger,’ shintō (心頭) means ‘heart/mind,’ and hassuru (発する) means ‘to generate,’ so the literal meaning of this idiom is “anger generates from one’s heart.”
    「怒り」は ‘anger,’ 「心頭」は ‘heart/mind,’ 「発する」は ‘to generate’ を意味するので、この言葉の文字通りの意味は “anger generates from one’s heart” となります。

    However, according to a poll conducted several years ago, around 67.1% of Japanese people misunderstand that “ikari shintō ni hassuru” is “ikari shintō ni tassuru” (怒り心頭に達する – anger reaches one’s heart).

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