Tosaka ni Kuru (トサカにくる – Getting Mad)

  • Tosaka ni Kuru


    Yesterday, I introduced you to “atama ni kuru” (頭にくる), which means a feeling of anger.

    There is a slang term, “tosaka ni kuru” (トサカにくる), which was derived from “atama ni kuru.”

    Tosaka (トサカ) means a red protrusion (cockscomb) on the top of a chicken and kuru (来る) means ‘to come,’ so the literal meaning of this term is “something comes on one’s cockscomb.”

    This term represents that blood come up to one’s head (or the top of the head) due to anger, and it can imply stronger angry than “atama ni kuru.”

    Incidentally, there are several theories about the reasons why chickens have cockscomb; for threatening to male, appeal to female, temperature regulation, and remnants from their ancestor (dinosaur).

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