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Jigyaku-fū Jiman (自虐風自慢 – Humblebrag)

  • Jigyaku-fū Jiman


    There is a Japanese slang term: 自虐風自慢 (jigyaku-fū jiman), which was born from the Internet.

    自虐 (jigyaku) means “self-condemnation,” 風 (fū) means “sounds like,” and 自慢 (jiman) means “brag.”
    「自虐」は “self-condemnation,” 「風」は “sounds like,” 「自慢」は “brag” を意味します。

    Therefore, “jigyaku-fū jiman” means one’s brag that sounds like self-condemnation.
    このため、「自虐風自慢」は “one’s brag that sounds like self-condemnation” を意味します。

    For example, it’s something like the following utterances.

    “Oh, I received ONLY $10,000 as a bonus in summer, it’s terrible.”

    “These days various men try to ask me out almost every day, sigh.., I’m tired of refusing them.”

    Since “jigyaku-fū jiman” makes people uncomfortable, please be careful not to say it.

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