Atama ni Kuru (頭にくる – Getting Mad)

  • Atama ni Kuru


    There are many idioms that mean a feeling of anger.

    For example, I introduced you to the “hara ga tatsu” (腹が立つ) before.

    Today I would like to introduce “atama ni kuru” (頭にくる).

    Atama (頭) means ‘head’ and kuru (くる) means ‘come,’ so the literal meaning of “atama ni kuru” is “something comes to one’s head.”
    「頭」は ‘head,’ 「くる」は ‘come’ を意味するので、「頭にくる」の文字通りの意味は “something comes to one’s head” となります。

    Here, it is thought that the something is just a feeling of anger or blood.
    ここで、’something’ は単純に「怒りの感情」、もしくは「血」を表していると考えられます。

    Incidentally, there is a similar idiom, “atama ni chi ga noboru” (頭に血が上る – blood comes up to one’s head), which also means a feeling of anger.

    I don’t know whether or not one’s blood would literally come up to the head when the one gets angry.

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