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Uō Saō (右往左往 – Helter-Skelter)

  • Uō Saō


    The four-character idiom uō saō (右往左往) describes a situation where someone is confused and wanders around.

    U (右) means “right,” ō (往) means “go,” sa (左) means “left,” so the literal meaning of uō saō is “going right and going left.”
    「右」は “right”、「往」は “go”、「左」は “left” を意味するので、「右往左往」の文字どおりの意味は “going right and going left” となります。

    In this idiom, the act of going to the right and left repeatedly represents a state of confusion or disorder.

    As a synonym for uō saō, there is atafuta (あたふた), which means a state of being in a panic and rushing around.

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