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Nengajō (年賀状 – New Year’s Greeting Card): Part 1

  • Nengajō: Part 1

    年賀状 Part 1

    Today, I wrote nengajō (年賀状).

    Nengajō is a traditional Japanese greeting card for celebrating the New Year.

    Nen (年) means “year,” ga (賀) means “celebration,” and (状) means “card,” so the literal meaning of nengajō is “year celebration card.”
    「年」は “year”、「賀」は “celebration “、「状」は “card” を意味するので、「年賀状」の文字どおりの意味は “year celebration card” となります。

    The custom of exchanging nengajō originated from the traditional visits for New Year’s greetings.

    In the past, many Japanese people used to visit their relatives and those to whom they were indebted at the beginning of the year to give greetings.

    However, as times have changed, more and more people have found it difficult to give greetings in person, and they started sending nengajō as an alternative to New Year’s greetings.

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