Today, I read a book entitled “Gupta in Wonderland (Fushigi no kuni no Gupta).”

  • Today, I read a book entitled “Gupta in Wonderland (Fushigi no kuni no Gupta).”


    In this book, an Indian named Gupta living in the world of TOEIC test gradually came to realize various things.

    I had taken the TOEIC test several times. So when I read the book, I thought that it could happen frequently and I enjoyed it.

    For example, there are many laws in the world of TOEIC such as following:

    1. Flights will always delayed definitely.
    1. 飛行機は必ず遅れます。

    2. A Photocopier will either breakdown, or run out of paper.
    2. コピー機は必ず故障するか、紙が無くなります。

    3. A dentist appointment will always be rescheduled.
    3. 歯医者の予約は、必ず変更させられます。

    4. The two common Indian names in the world are Gupta or Singh.
    4. インド人の名前はグプタかシンです。

    Besides these, there are various laws in this world.

    I realized the world of TOEIC is certainly quite strange.

    Now that I know these laws, I think taking a TOEIC test will be a little more enjoyable.

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