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My First International Conference in a While

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    My First International Conference in a While


    Today, I participated in an international conference and made a presentation in English for the first time in about two years.

    It was an online Zoom conference, and I was very nervous.

    The question and answer session after my presentation was my biggest fear.

    I was not confident that I would be able to answer English questions immediately, and well.

    Since the first question was simple, I managed to answer it. However, I could not quite understand the second question.

    Eventually, having no idea what to say, I said something like “Umm, it’s a difficult question for me…,” The questioner then said something like “Okay”, and the session was over.
    結局、なんと言ってよいかわからず、” Umm, it’s a difficult question for me…” と返したら “Okay” のように言われて、質疑が終わってしまいました。

    I must study harder.

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