Pien Koete Paon (ぴえんこえてぱおん)

  • Pien Koete Paon


    In my post yesterday, I introduced the net slang pien (ぴえん), which represents crying.

    Pien is often used to express a slight change in emotion.

    If you want to express stronger emotions than pien, you can say pien koete paon (ぴえんこえてぱおん).

    Koete (こえて) means “over” or “beyond,” and paon (ぱおん) is short for the elephant’s bark paōn (ぱおーん).
    「こえて」は “over” や “beyond”、「ぱおん」は象の鳴き声「ぱおーん」を省略したものです。

    In other words, this phrase represents a feeling that you want to cry loudly like an elephant, beyond the feeling of pien.

    You can also say just paon instead of pien.

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