Gyafun to Iwaseru (ぎゃふんと言わせる – Beating Someone Down to Size)

  • Gyafun to Iwaseru


    Today, I would like to introduce the phrase gyafun to iwaseru (ぎゃふんと言わせる), which means to render someone speechless.

    Gyafun (ぎゃふん) is an onomatopoeia expressing that someone got the point and you couldn’t say anything back, and iwaseru (言わせる) means “making someone say,” so gyafun to iwaseru has the above meaning.
    「ぎゃふん」はやり込められて一言も言い返すことができないさまを意味する擬態語、「言わせる」は “making someone say” を意味するので、「ぎゃふんと言わせる」は上記のような意味を持つというわけです。

    Here, it can be thought that gya (ぎゃ) is a exclamation representing “surprise,” and fun/fumu (ふん/ふむ) is an interjection representing “convinced.”

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