Shitsunen (失念 – Slipping One’s Mind)

  • Shitsunen


    The most common phrase to use when you forget to do something is wasurete imashita (忘れていました – “I forgot to do”).

    Today, I would like to introduce the term shitsunen (失念), which can be used in business situations and sounds more polite than wasureta (忘れた – “forgetting”).

    Since shitsu (失) means “losing” and nen (念) means “thought,” the literal meaning of shitsunen is “losing one’s thought.”
    「失」は “losing”、「念」は “thought” を意味し、「失念」の文字どおりの意味は “losing one’s thought” です。

    Shitsunen is one of the “mind poisons” in Buddhism and originally means “scattering mind,” “losing devotion,” and “forgetting the words of Buddhism.”

    Derived from here, it has come to be widely used as the meaning of “forgetting something.”

    In actual situations, it is often used as shitsunen shite ori mashita (失念しておりました – “It slipped my mind”).

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