Kara Shucchō (カラ出張 – A Fake Business Trip)

  • Kara Shucchō


    I work at a university and sometimes go on a business trip using public research spending.

    Unfortunately, ‘kara shucchō‘ (カラ出張) is often taken up as a problem in Japan.

    Kara‘ (カラ/空) means “empty” and ‘shucchō‘ (出張) means “business trip,” so the literal meaning of ‘kara shucchō’ is “an empty business trip.”
    「カラ」は “empty”、「出張」は “business trip” を意味するので、「カラ出張」の文字どおりの意味は “an empty business trip” となります。

    As its literal meaning implies, ‘kara shucchō’ means a fraudulent act of claiming expenses such as transportation or accommodation expenses, despite not actually going on a business trip.

    Of course, if you do ‘kara shucchō’ and someone finds it, you will be strictly punished.

    Incidentally, since I will go on a business trip to Italy for a week from tomorrow, the frequency of posting on Lang-8 might be reduced.

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