Chi ga Sawagu (血が騒ぐ – Excited)

  • Chi ga Sawagu


    When you get excited that you can’t stay still, it can be called chi ga sawagu (血が騒ぐ).

    Since chi (血) means “blood” and sawagu (騒ぐ) means “to make a fuss,” the literal meaning of chi ga sawagu is “one’s blood is making a fuss.”
    「血」は “blood”、「騒ぐ」は “to make a fuss” を意味するので、「血が騒ぐ」の文字どおりの意味は “one’s blood makes a fuss” となります。

    This expression is a metaphor for someone who is very excited.

    Of course, you can say just chi ga sawasu to express excitement. In addition, you can also say edokko no chi ga sawagu (江戸っ子の血が騒ぐ – meaning “my bloodline from Edo period makes me excited”) or matsuri-zuki no chi ga sawagu (祭り好きの血が騒ぐ – meaning “my festival-loving blood makes me excited”) by prefixing it with a word to describe your birth or nature.

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