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  • Today I will talk about the Japanese word “dosakusa.”


    “Dosakusa” means a situation that people are confused by sudden incidents or errands.

    In most cases, it is used with “magirete,” which means “to blend into something”, something like “dosakusa ni magirete ~ suru” (to do something in the confusion).

    Usage example: Dosakusa ni magirete party kara kaeru. (I escape from the party in the confusion.)

    Some people say that this word comes from “bakuto gari” (to hunt gamblers), which was conducted to get workers at Sado Kinzan in the Edo period.

    In this theory, “dosa” is a changed form of “sado,” and “kusa” comes from “kusai,” which means “to be sound like something” — that is, “dosakusa” indicates a confusion of a gambling parlor in Sado Kinzan.

    However, nowadays this thought is regarded as a vulgar belief.

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