【No. 0747】
Atosaki Kangaezu (後先考えず – Without Thinking of the Consequences)

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    Atosaki Kangaezu


    Yesterday, while in a state described as atosaki kangaezu (後先考えず), I purchased an expensive game console.

    Since ato (後) means “after,” saki (先) means “before/future,” kangae/kangaeru (考え/考える) means “to think/consider,” and zu (ず) is a negative suffix, atosaki kangaezu literally means “without thinking before or after.”
    「後」は “after”、「先」は “before/future”、「考え/考える」は “to consider”、「ず」は否定の接尾辞であるため、「後先考えず」は文字どおり “withought considering before or after” という意味になります。

    Acting without considering past experiences or future consequences could lead to failure and regret.

    However, it is also not good to just keep thinking without taking any action.

    I believe that balance is the key to everything.

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