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Hanabi (花火): Part 2

  • Hanabi: Part 2

    花火 Part 2

    In Japan, omocha hanabi (おもちゃ花火) is also common.

    Since omocha means “toy,” the literal meaning of omocha hanabi is “toy fireworks.”
    「おもちゃ」は “toy” を意味するので、「おもちゃ花火」の文字どおりの意味は “toy fireworks” となります。

    Among the various typed of omocha hanabi, especially senkō hanabi (線香花火) is fleeting and beautiful.

    Since senkō (線香) means “incense stick,” the literal meaning of senkō hanabi is “incense stick fireworks.”
    「線香」は “incense stick” を意味するので、「線香花火」の文字どおりの意味は “incense stick fireworks” となります。

    It is said that the name senkō hanabi comes from the fact that people used to play with them by standing them up like an incense stick (now, they are used by hanging the tips down).

    Senkō hanabi (known as “sparkler”) uses a small amount of black powder, and it allows you to enjoy various burning patterns over time and with changes in temperature.

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