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Torikoshi Kurō (取り越し苦労 – Worrying about Nothing)

  • Torikoshi Kurō


    I got the second vaccine of COVID-19 today.

    It is said that there are strong vaccine adverse reactions, so I am very worried about that.

    However, there may not be any adverse reactions.

    As in this situation, concerning unnecessarily about something that no one knows what will happen is called torikoshi kurō (取り越し苦労) in Japanese.

    Since torikoshi (取り越し) means “bringing forward something” and kuro (苦労) means “trouble,” torikoshi kurō literally means “bringing forward trouble.”
    「取り越し」は “bringing forward something”、「苦労」は “trouble” を意味するので、「取り越し苦労」の文字どおりの意味は “bringing forward trouble” となります。

    This phrase can be translated into English as “worrying about nothing.”
    英語では “worrying about nothing” のように表現されます。

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