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Issen wo Warau Mono wa Issen ni Naku (一銭を笑う者は一銭に泣く – Take Care of the Penny)

  • Issen wo Warau Mono wa Issen ni Naku


    In yesterday’s post, I introduced the Japanese proverb, ichi-en wo warau mono wa ichi-en ni naku (一円を笑うものは一円に泣く), which means that you should not treat money carelessly, even if it is a very small amount.

    This proverb was originally used sen (銭) instead of en (円), as in issen wo warau mono wa issen ni naku (一銭を笑う者は一銭に泣く).

    Sen is the old Japanese currency unit, and one hundred sen equals one yen.

    However, following the law enacted in 1953, the currency unit sen was suspended, and the yen became the smallest currency unit in Japan.

    It can be considered that the above proverb has changed according to this change in era.

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