Kane ga Mono wo Iu (金が物を言う – Money Talks)

  • Kane ga Mono wo Iu


    Sometimes a difficult situation can be solved with much money.

    In such situations, you can use the Japanese idiom kane ga mono wo iu (金が物を言う).

    Since kane (金) means “money,” mono (物) means “thing,” and iu (言う) means “to say,” the literal meaning of kane ga mono wo iu is “money says something.”
    「金」は “money”、「物」は “thing”、「言う」は “to say” を意味するので、「金が物を言う」の文字どおりの意味は “money says something” となります。

    This idiom came from the fact that it looks as if money talks or expresses an opinion in situations where money can solve problems.

    In addition, when you use much money to control something to your own desires, it can be described as kane ni mono wo iwaseru (金に物を言わせる – literally means “let money talk”).

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