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Hanabi (花火): Part 1

  • Hanabi: Part 1

    花火 Part 1

    Last night, I watched hanabi (花火) through the window of my workplace.

    The characters hana (花) and bi/hi (火) mean “flower” and “fire,” respectively, so the literal meaning of hanabi is “flower fire,” but it actually refers to “fireworks.”
    「花」は “flower”、「火」は “fire” を意味するので、「花火」の文字どおりの意味は “flower fire” となりますが、実際には “fireworks” を指します。

    It is believed that they are named hanabi because they are as if flowers blooming in the night sky.

    In addition, if you switch the characters hana and bi/hi and say hibana (火花), it means “spark” or “finely scattered fire.”

    You can also say that hanabi contain hibana of various colors and shapes.

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