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Hanabie (花冷え – Cold in Cherry-Blossom Time)

  • Hanabie


    Over the past few days, we have been experiencing a climate called hanabie (花冷え).

    Since hana (花) means “flower” and hie/bie (冷え) means “get cold,” the literal meaning of hanabie is “flowers get cold.”
    「花」は “flower”、「冷え」は “get cold” を意味するので、「花冷え」の文字通りの意味は “flowers get cold” となります。

    In April in the northern hemisphere, there are more warm days and cherry blossoms bloom, but sometimes the climate suddenly turns cold and snow falls.

    Such a climate is described as hanabie in Japanese because the blooming cherry blossoms get cold.

    Please be careful not to catch a cold due to the severe temperature difference in hanabie.

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