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Būmeran ga Sasaru (ブーメランが刺さる – Boomeranging)

  • Būmeran ga Sasaru


    Have you ever experienced a situation where your criticism or advice to others has come straight back to you?

    In such situations, you can use the slang phrase, būmeran ga sasaru (ブーメランが刺さる) or simply būmeran (ブーメラン).

    Since būmeran means “boomerang,” and sasaru (刺さる) means “to stick,” the literal meaning of būmeran ga sasaru is “a boomerang sticks (to oneself).”
    「ブーメラン」は “boomerang”、「刺さる」は “to stick” を意味するので、「ブーメランが刺さる」の文字どおりの意味は “a boomerang sticks (to oneself)” となります。

    As you can imagine, this phrase is a metaphor where your words come back to you like a boomerang.

    Especially when a harsh criticism boomerangs back to you, you can use the term tokudai būmeran (特大ブーメラン – meaning “an extra-large boomerang”).
    特に痛烈な批判が返ってくるような場合には、”extra-large” を意味する「特大」をつけて「特大ブーメラン」のように言います。

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