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Kishi Kaisei (起死回生 – Turnning Around a Hopeless Situation)

  • Kishi Kaisei


    To recover from a hopeless situation and come back to life is called kishi kaisei (起死回生) in Japanese.

    Since ki (起) means “to rise,” shi (死) means “death,” kai (回) means “to back,” and sei (生) means “life,” the literal meaning of this four-character idiom is “to rise from death and back to life.”
    「起」は “to rise”、「死」は “death”、「回」は “to back”、「生」は “life” を意味するので、「起死回生」の文字どおりの意味は “to rise from death and back to life” となります。

    Originally, this idiom literally meant a revival of the dead.

    Now it has the meaning of recovering from a hopeless situation.

    Incidentally, the idioms kishi (起死) and kaisei (回生) have the same meaning as kishi kaisei, respectively.

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