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Tenshin Ranman (天真爛漫 – Simplicity)

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    Tenshin Ranman


    A person who is honest, unpretentious, and cheerful is loved by many people.

    Such a person can be described in Japanese as tenshin ranman (天真爛漫).

    Since ten (天) means “natural/born” and shin (真) means “truth/purity,” the idiom tenshin (天真) literally means “natural purity.”
    「天」は “natural/born”、「真」は “truth/purity” を意味し、「天真」で「自然のままの純粋さ」を意味する熟語となります。

    In addition, since ran (爛) means “shiny” and man (漫) means “fill,” the idiom ranman (爛漫) means “bright and shining.”
    また、「爛」は “shiny”、「漫」は “fill” を意味し、「爛漫」で「明るく光り輝くさま」を意味する熟語となります。

    That is to say, the four-character idiom tenshin ranman literally describes a person who is pure and bright/cheerful.

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